The Difference Between Private Schools and Public Schools


When it comes to the choice of a good school for their children, increasingly more people are now looking at private schools as being the better option as compared to public schools. Most of the time, the advantages of a private school are more than obvious, despite the costs for some of these privately operated schools.

Prep schools and boarding schools in particular can be a good choice for families who want to ensure that their children are being taken care of well while allowing the parents to go on with their jobs.

According to recent surveys taken in the United Kingdom, one of the reasons given why some families prefer their children visiting a private school is that more than half of the U.K.’s private schools happen to be single gender schools, together with the more-obvious reasons such as that a private school most of the time will mean better grades and therefore better career chances.

Not surprisingly, the reasons given in those surveys are not simply opinion. According to statistics, most of the U.K.’s professionals in high earning fields such as law, medicine or politics do indeed come from private schools indicating a strong preference for these types of schooling institutions by employers all over the country. Education experts go so far even as to talk about a significant “wage gap” between those students who attended a public school and those who come from private schools.

If you happen to look for a good private school in the UK, you fortunately have many options on hand. However, Don’t make this decision hastily and take your time when you are trying to find a good school for your children. At prep school in Hertfordshire you can find more helpful resources about the various benefits of private schools. One last tip: When you decide on a suitable prep school, don’t forget to also consult the opinion of your children!