If You Love Horseracing You Might Like This Tip!

March 27th, 2015

my-horse-racing-tipThe United Kingdom is known for a nation where we’re not only keen on betting and wagering but likewise love sports almost unlike any other country.


Think about many types of sports which have their origin here in the United Kingdom, golf is just one of them!


While some say horse racing had its origins back in the olden times during the Roman Empire it has pretty much also become sort of a national sports in the UK. No surprise, seeing that it combines our passion for wagering and sports in a perfect, not to say spectacular way!


So if you love horse racing as much as I, you might be interested in some tips I have for you.


The best strategy for going to the races in my opinion is if you go there prepared. That is, should know a little about the horses at the track for each particular race. If you know about their past performance it is much better to predict whether a horse may possibly win the race.


With such horse racing tips like those that you can get from the horse racing pro you can rather easily increase your odds at the races. And of course since they are free they won’t cost you a thing! I found his website pretty helpful and has tips definitely helped me to win more often – and of course that’s the greatest thing if you can go home from the races which some money in your pocket!

The Wildlife Garden in Flatford Opens This Saturday!

March 27th, 2015

The Wildlife Garden in Flatword will open this coming Saturday, just right in time for the Easter holidays!


According to their website, there will be several activities such as a spring wildlife challenge around the garden, planting spring flowers, badge making and bird spotting.


There wildlife garden is great for children! Have them observe amazing birds such as the nesting blue tits with the nesting cameras!


But the wildlife garden is not only a great destination to experience all sort of animals up and close. It is also a great place where you can learn tipshow to make your very own garden more wildlife friendly.


After the opening day this Saturday, the garden wall be open daily from 10:30 AM till 4:30 PM. The tickets are reasonably priced. £3.50 for the entire day. If you are a National Trust member, admission is free of charge!

An Exciting (And Cheap!) Way To Travel

January 10th, 2015

This is a tip that can be in particular interesting for those who need to watch their spending but still want to enjoy traveling.


It’s also a great tip for those who look for something different for their next holiday travel, aside from just booking hotels or holiday rental flats like everyone else does.


Why not hire a campervan for your next vacation trip?


Today, camping certainly doesn’t deserve the often negative image it may still have the one the other one. Camping these days does not mean you need to cram yourself and your family in a tiny tent someplace, where you will be exposed to the elements  including scorching hot or freezing cold weather.


You can hire caravans today, all come with all amenities including air-conditioning, a small kitchen and of course cozy beds. But this is not the best about camping by a long shot. In addition to those luxuries inside your own campervan, going on holidays like this means that you will be very flexible where you want to go and when. You won’t depend on overpriced hotel rooms, don’t have to bother about booking in advance and of course you can  go to many exciting places that most other people will not ever see.


While the cost savings from going camping rather than staying in a hotel are attractive, it doesn’t mean that you will have to buy your very own campervan. Because you can always rent one for the duration of your holiday which makes this way of travel extraordinarily affordable. A good place to start for you is VW campervan hire UK if you happen to live in the UK.


So if you’re looking for a new and exciting way go on holidays you should look into hiring a van, it will be great fun and won’t cost the world!

Something You Should Consider When You Travel

January 5th, 2015

Traveling is a lot of fun, no question about it. You can see exciting places, get close up and personal with new people, see stunning landscapes and enjoy an amazing scenery.


If you like the more exotic travel destinations like I do it can easily happen that you will find yourself somewhere very remote where the next town might well be hundreds of miles away. Maybe you want to see a remote island in the Caribbean or may find yourself in the midst of a desert on your next travel vacation.


Exotic-TravelWhile such places are usually an amazing adventure there is also always a certain risk that something might happen and you or someone around you would require medical assistance.


The more remote your travel location, the more difficult it will be if a doctor would be required for whatever reason.


This is exactly why you should consider to learn first aid. It can be an immense help during your travels as my own experience shows.


There had been countless situations where I came across car accidents, fires and the one other person who was bitten by a poisonous snake or lizard. Thanks to my first aid training I was able to attend to people in various emergencies.


Getting prepared for your next exotic travels with first aid training courses


If you’re lucky, your local community college may offer first aid training classes that are free or very affordable. If you don’t have a community college nearby can also contact a companies such as BX Medical that offers first aid courses in Exeter here in the United Kingdom.


Take my word, if you will love to travel as much as I do, knowing about first aid will be very helpful!